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on: January 31, 2018, 03:56:55 PM
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To join Our Discord server click this link sign up and chose your username try to get this to as near as what your twitch name is.

You can then download the Desktop app and mobile apps if you wish after signup and access to the server.

you will be greeted by the following message and information read it carefully as it requires you to do steps to get access

Welcome to TheMadHouse community for WorldOfMadnessUK. We hope you have fun and enjoy your stay with us. We created this server for our community of friends, gamers and others. Great Place if you're looking for someone to play games with, other peeps to talk to, chill out with the rest of TheMadHouse (we are all really Mad and crazy here lol). When You arrive at TheMadHouse you will get a role called TheMadHouse this is used for everyone in the Discord Server. so all can join and be involved in TheMadHouse Community. We have created a ranked community system. We Have #authentication room which is for if you need to be authed for one of the active game servers (or click the highlighted name here) and Type

!auth (Your Twitch Name / game user name)

this will alert the admins and moderators so that we can add you to a white-list or provide details and passwords to WorldOfMadnessUK game servers. You can find the channel at . Please make sure that your discord username is similar to your twitch name. It doesn't have to be exactly the same but needs to be identifiable. Enjoy your stay and welcome to TheMadHouse Need more info visit