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on: January 31, 2018, 05:29:31 AM
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There are moderators monitoring the channel and our resident bot is MCMadBot

The Following Rules apply Please keep the chat Nice and friendly to all users. The stream is for users to enjoy and have fun.

This is English Only Chat

  • Please refrain from religious and political topics
  • Please leave the moderators Deal with anything in chat that is what they are there for thank you
  • Please Keep The Chat PG even if the game being played is a Meture rating, please keep the chat PG
  • Links require approval from a moderator – please message them what the link is and if they approve it they will allow you to post it
  • Please Don’t use any ASCII art or Coloured txt it will be removed Including the /me Command.
  • Please don’t advertise in my channel if you do you will be banned – if you are unsure if something is advertising ask a mod
  • If you use Caps and spam it – you could get a time out – if i have not seen the message that doesn’t mean it needs to be shouted out.
  • If you cause disrupt to the stream or re being offensive and you ignore the moderators warnings you will be banned